With increasing violence, robberies, thefts and murders, need for security has also risen largely. There is no peace of mind when you are constantly under threat of being looted or murdered anytime. Advance Facility Management Services has come up with a solution to all security concerns of yours. We dedicate our rigorous efforts in safeguarding your life and assets which makes us a highly reliable and eminent firm in this field. We are an ISO: 9001: 2008 certified company serving you with top notch security from last 10 years. Holding the PASARA certificate under Private Security Agencies Act, 2005 makes us even more credible as we assure you that our employees are clean of their record and are not involved in any anti-social or anti-national activity. Abiding by the PASARA terms and conditions we take extra care while recruiting our team and thus promise you to provide a peaceful and pleasant experience with us. Offering you a wide range of security guard services in NaviMumbai, we prioritize your safety as our whole sole aim.




Security Guard Services

We have a team of able and trained security guards who provide you with safe and protected surroundings and make sure that no miscreant barges in your domain. We hire well-experienced and physically fit security guards for your service. The security guards are given special training to respond with presence of mind in the cases of emergency. Our security guards are given state of the art armaments for your safety. We also hold surprise on the site visits and regular audits to ensure that our guards are keeping you safe.


Surveillance Monitoring

One of the major features of our company is its surveillance monitoring. We fit cameras on the entrance of your offices and homes to trace down the activities of each and every person around you by monitoring them on the screens connected to the cameras. We work by making technology and manpower work hand in hand so as to avoid every possibility of carelessness and fault. We recruit a special team expert in monitoring unwanted activities around you. Also we make exclusive arrangements for events and parties to ensure your safety.


Security Guards for Events

Concern for security intensifies when you plan to throw a party or arrange an outdoor gathering. Advance Security Services aid you in being tension free by employing its team of security guards who have an expertise in handling and managing crowd skilfully. We provide you with tight security for the event by monitoring the guests and at the same time we keep a strict eye on those who appear to be suspects in causing trouble. We strategize in such a manner that no place and no person escapes from our eyes.


Body Guard Services

Advance Facility Management Services provides you with trained and robust body guards for your safety. We guarantee to give you a peaceful and safe ambience by employing the best body guards at your service. Our body guards are well-mannered and presentable. We also verify their background and criminal records before recruiting body guards. We aim at providing you the top class security intended to keep you completely satisfied. The body guards assigned for your security take care of your privacy and maintain required decorum while protecting you from unwanted elements.